Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Breakfast

Earthy Breakfast Time
As I was putting my kids to bed, I asked them what they would like for breakfast tomorrow since it was EARTH DAY!  Londyn said she wanted boiled eggs colored like the Earth and Tate said he wanted worms...Here are my attemps...I got it ready tonight so I thought I would post it so that if any Super Mommies are up early you can make something fun too.

I cut newspaper with decorative scissors for a placemat and then set the egg on a bottled water lid.

                          Hard Boiled Eggs                                              A Gummy Worm in Dirt (Granola).

First I boiled the eggs in blue dye and added a little vinegar at the end to make them nice and dark.  I had some vinyl left from my Earth Day Rock so I used it as a pattern for the continents.  I mixed a few drops of green food coloring with 2 tsp vinegar and dabbed it on with a cotton swab.

Here they are. Some arent as dark as others, but the kids will love them.

Notice below what they are sitting on...REUSED bottled water lids!

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