Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earthday to You, Happy Earthday to You....

Earth Cakes and Mud Pies
My kids called these Earthday Cakes and sang the birthday song while they made them.  They had lots of fun doing it.  I really cant recall letting them play in the mud before.  Thats not very Super Mommy-like of me.  I need to be better at allowing messes.  I will work on that. 

Get ready for Earthday Cakes!  I bought some tin pans at Honks ($ store) 4/$1 last week so we were ready.  The first thing we did was go on a Nature Hike and they gathered the ingredients for their cakes.  They brought a backpack and a cup to gather their plants, rocks, etc.

I brought a garbage bag so we could do a "trash hike" and gather litter while we were out in the neighborhood.  I should have brought a paper bag for the recycleables that were scattered about...I will have to remember that next time.  (I just put the little hand with the clover there because I thought it was cute...)
Then I gave them their pans, buckets, bowls, utensils, and a full watering can and sent them to the part of our yard with lots of dirt.

We will have to try this again...they liked it so much I am sure they will be asking me about it again soon.
Happy Earthday Cake making to all of you!

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