Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Super Mommy Secret~Vigoro

Keep those Pots Beautiful!
I planted some of my pots yesterday, then it snowed today...that figures. Luckily, they were up by the house and protected. But that reminded me of a secret our swimming teacher, Christine, shared with us last summer. She said she puts Vigoro into her pots several times throughout the summer and that keeps her plants blooming and beautiful all season! I was so excited to try it that I bought some last year to use this year (because mine look good for a month and then they limp along for the rest of the summer!).
 I have serious spring fever!

Happy Potting, Super Mommies!


  1. What's the deal with the snow here!? I think we had a full out blizzard!

    Thanks for the tip on the "Vigaro". I have never used it, my plants go limp too!

  2. Thanks for the tip I just bought a pot from Target. It is spring here already in Southern California.

  3. LOVE your blog! and get so excited when you post something new! Can you create a button that I can put on my blog? I'd love to add you to my favorite sites list!

  4. It is still snowing off and on here! I am dreaming of Southern California!!

    My pots are inside right now. I have the Vigoro in them to make them grow. Now I just have to keep them from freezing!


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