Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools Eve~Dont Forget!

I thought I would post a reminder to everyone to prank the kids tonight!
Here are some things I am going to do:

Bed Switcheroo...After they fall asleep, move them to their brother or sister's bed.  I cant wait for my 5 year old to wake up in the crib!

Cereal Bag Switcheroo...
Switch all of the cereal bags
into different boxes, they wont
know what they are getting! 
This will be a great trick on
my 9 year old.  He hates

Sew their clothes shut...use clear thread and sew just a sleeve or the leg of their pants...just be sure that they pick those clothes to wear tomorrow!  I am going to tell my kids they have to wear these clothes so I can take their pictures in them.
Left  is the sleeve of the sweater.  Right is the neck of the shirt while I was sewing.

Silly Foods...dont forget to make some of Jodi's April Fools Foods to Fool Your Kids!

Happy Pranking, Super Mommies!!


  1. These are all great ideas but I love the cereal one. I am going to do that for sure.

  2. Ooooooooh, I love the bed switcheroo! I MUST try this!

  3. Ohhh, thank you for the good laugh! I would love to see your kids faces in the morning! :)

  4. We had a blast with these and made some fun memories! Thank you!

  5. Hi Gals, I hope your tricks worked (and Amy I am glad you guys made some good memories!!) My daughter was so grossed out by our meatloaf dinner cake that she thinks everything I make it a trick now! It is going to take her a while to get back to trusting me with food haha!


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