Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break~Hooray!

Sprink Break at our house is a party! 
I have been looking forward to it almost as much as my kids. 
I have also been cooking up some fun things to do with my Super Mommy Friends.  
Now if the weather will only cooperate!

Here is how our week is looking:

Monday:  Mommy Photo Shoot.  The hostess for Monday invited us to meet with cameras on location to get some fun SPRING shots of our kids...if they cooperate! (otherwise it will be the backs of their heads...which is usually what I get!)  I am super excited though...I need to pick out some clothes  for them to wear so we are ready to go!

Tuesday:  $1 Movie Day.  The hostess for Tuesday invited us to meet at the Cheap Theater for a movie (The Squeakquel) and then go to a park for a picnic if the weather fingers are crossed! 

Wednesday: Kite Making and Flying: I found this great site for making kites that REALLY fly!

Thursday:  Host a "Bike Wash"  I noticed that all of our riding toys are looking a bit yucky after the long winters rest so I thought it would be fun to invite our neighbors over and let the kids wash them all!  We will provide the soap, water, and sponges!

Friday:  Easter Egg Hunt:  See how I am hosting this Eggstreme party here.

Share your fun spring break plans!

Happy Spring Break Everyone! 


  1. Looks like fun :D My kids are mostly grown now but I used to always plan out the Spring Break weeks and invite lots of friends - it's the way to go!! Washing the bikes is genious!

  2. Wow! You really are a Super Mommy! I'll see if I can muster up the strength to do just one of those. :)

  3. This is such a good idea...right after I read it I went and posted that I wanted to do something similar with my mom's group once school's out for the summer.
    Thanks for all your great ideas. I made a birthday board based on your idea yesterday! I adapted it to work with what I had, but the kids love it, even if it is not as cute and permanent as yours.

  4. I had high hopes for spring break but it felt more like winter break!

    I was so excited to host the little Bike Wash but we will have to do it as soon as it is warm enough to play in in the 60's or 70's not the 40's!

    And Jessica, so glad you were able to do a birthday board! My kids just love it too, and it makes them feel special all week.
    I am sure your kiddos think you are a super mommy!!
    I will post the details of our Bike Wash as soon as we are able to have it. I am so excited for my kids to do it. It should keep them busy all afternoon!


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