Monday, February 15, 2010

Red and White Valentine's Day Dinner Party

Here is a glimpse of the Romantic Valentines Party for couples we attended on February 13. It was hosted by some friends, the Fuhrimans. They held it at their home. There was amazing food, great company, and lots of fun to be had!
This is the invitation "ticket" that we all received!
This was the candle lit main eating area.

This is where the food was set out buffet style. They had red light bulbs to make it dim and romantic.
These are the festive buckets for the crab shells and shrimp skin.
Here is the Prime Rib. Aaron slaved over it all day!

Here are the shrimp.
These were the amazing crab legs.
Here is one of the place settings.

This was a centerpiece. Each table had 3 in a row. The tablecloths were set in plastic due to the messy nature of crab. The center was a strip of red with white lights beneath it. Then it had red rose petals sprinkled on top.

These Pottery Barn lanterns were fun and festive hung with Valentine wire.
This was the second table.
These were the Romantic Bon-Bons.
I brought the Sinful and Sexy Strawberry Shortcake to try to win the "Most Romantic Dessert" but I lost to the Flirty Funnel Cakes and the Rockin' Red Velvet Cakes.
Here is a glimpse of the Walter's yummy award winning Red Velvet Cakes.

The game was like Cranium, you either had to draw, act, or sculpt. The tricky part was that the men decided on the womens "Valentine" words and the women decided on the mens! These were the prizes for the game. These little chocolate bars had coupons on the front! It worked out great since it was Men vs Women in this game. Every couple brought their gifts for the gift exchange and set them on the fireplace. Opening these was very entertaining!!

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  1. Such a lovely post. I just loved this idea of red bulbs which made this place looks more romantic. Going to try this idea on coming valentine’s day as planning to throw a party at one of New York venues for my partner. All my loved ones will be guest for such special day.


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