Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Super Mommy Secret~May Day Tradition

This Secret isnt mine.  It is from the Super Mommy over at See Jane Blog. 
They call it "Cutest Easter Tradition," see how she did it here

We missed it for Easter but I thought it would be fun to do this tradition for May Day since it is growing a "flower" so that is how we are going to do it in our family. 
Dont forget May Day is May 1st!
It also happens that my friend, Steph, is celebrating her daughter's birthday on May Day-Eve, so we will be getting together to celebrate and also planting our Magic Jelly Beans together.  I cant wait!  I get as excited planning surprises for the kiddos as they get when they receive them!

Here are our Magic Jelly Bean Seed Packets. 

We wanted them to look official for the birthday party so we made this seed packet with photoshop using the template here and a photo I took of my jellybeans.  (I used some elements that were digital freebies so I dont think I can share it as a download...let me know if I am mistaken because I would love to!)

We will plant ours in a pot or basket because we will have to bring them home...
You can just plant them in the flower bed outside,
but most importantly, this is what will grow
See Jane Blog also shared this Super Mommy Secret~
These lollipops can be found for $1 at Walgreens!

I just love blog land so we can all use and share fun ideas!!  Thanks to See Jane Blog for this one, it really is the CUTEST!  And for Kendra at My Insanity for sharing it!


  1. if they were freebie downloads, i think you can share them just as long as there is no profit made on them...that was what my understanding was.
    I wanted to do this for Easter...now I have an excuse...May Day! yea! I love your seed packet, so If it is downloadable, I would love to snatch it up!!

  2. This is the cutest idea ever!! I linked back to you on my blog! jandeecrafts.blogspot.com Thanks so much!!

  3. Hi Kelly,
    Send me your email address and I will tweak it and send it to you without the free element that I used...i will switch it out:)

    thanks for commenting!!

  4. I thought I posted but I guess I didn't! I love it! Can you share your seed packet with me? Thanks!


  5. Can you send me you seed packet too! I love it!


  6. I have to tell you, this idea of magic jelly beans makes me all giddy inside! And your seed packet is so absolutely awesome! Would it be possible to get a download? I KNOW that there is no way on earth I could replicate it. I would be SO very happy!!!

  7. Hi Angela, what an amazing job on the seed packet. I would love the download as well. Is that possible? I think my two boys will get so excited to have some magic jelly beans for Easter. Thank you, Esther

  8. I too, would love your seed packet if it's not too much trouble!
    Thanks so much!

  9. DARLING seed packet & idea! Those of us who are NOT creative (me) REALLY appreciate you sharing your talents with everyone! I would also love it if you wouldn't mind sending me the seed packet! Thank you, THANK YOU!! ;)

  10. I know this was posted some time ago but I saw this on Pinterest and was really hoping I could get a copy of the seed packet. Is that still possible?

  11. I too just saw this on Pinterest - my daughter LOVES both Jelly beans and lollipops and I would love to do this for her birthday.

    Would you mind sharing the seed packet? Please?

    A hopeful thanks in advance


  12. You're blog is amazing!! Would you mind sharing the seed packet with me as well?

    Can't wait to see what you come with next.

  13. Love your ideas and of course would love the seedpacket download if it's still available. This will be so fun to do with my kids even though they are old (teenagers) but they are never too old for fun!

  14. Saw it on Pinterest also. I would love the seed packet download if you are still sending them, Thank you so much for your talent. I know I would just mess it up! Loda@twcny.rr.com

  15. can someone please send me a copy of the seed packet to cubee240@yahoo.com? Please and Thank You!

  16. Pinterest here too - please send packet template to just4dee78@yahoo.com. Too cute! Thanks!


  17. would I be able to get a seed packet template PLEASE!!!! tkdes@shaw.ca

  18. I would love to have your seed packet also please.


    Thank you so much! Happy Easter!

  19. I tried to adjust the printable, but can't....can I get the free download??



  20. Too cute!! What a great site. Love the seed packet. Would love to have it as a download.. watsons99@gmail.com.

  21. I saw this on Pinterest and was really hoping I could get a copy of the seed packet. Is that still possible?

  22. Could I pretty please get the seed packet copy too? I love this idea and also know I couldn't make something as cute! equinn1296@yahoo.com

  23. I'm trying again to see if anyone has the seed packet that they could email to me? I was going to make these for May Day and I'm running out of time!! Thanks!! equinn1296@yahoo.com

  24. I too am intersted in the seed packet... very cut! Email me as well... lionesslisa@wi.rr.com

  25. Can I get a copy of the seed packet? Such a great Easter idea!!

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