Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Dinner

I know Earth Day is over but before I forget I thought I would post our dinner since it was pretty fun. 
We had four courses of Earth's wonders...

The African Jungle
green mashed potatoes with broccoli, asparagus, and parsley for the trees and jungle animals picks.

The Ocean
blue jello with Swedish fish and sea creatures

The Earth
Meatloaf made in a ball pan.  I put it on an upside down bowl with a plate over it
(I used some packing tape to hold the bowl and plate together...I didnt want it to fall over!)
This is my awesome Wilton ball pan.

candy bones and rock piles (chocolate covered peanuts) in sand (corn flakes, oatmeal, chinese noodles)



  1. Hey Ang, what mold did you use for the ocean jello?

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I just used little glass bowls.
    Honks has them in a box 4/$1. They will be useful for lots of "events" :)


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