Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Fun with Stars and Stripes!

Stars and Stripes Paper Crafts
These are some paper crafts my kiddos and I made last year. I think we got our ideas from are simple enough for kids to really help. We had lots of fun making them and they made our patio so festive!

The Paper Lantern: this is just like the Halloween ones that we all made in elementary school!

The Stars:  Just cut three stars out of three different papers, stack and staple in the middle, then fold the top and bottom ones so they show the one beneath.

The Firework:  Just cut a 8x2 paper stip into fringe.  Then roll and tape onto a skewer stick.  These were fun to set al  around in different colors and heights on the food table! (place in the decorative cans or poke into salads, watermelon, etc)

Here is a super fun party favor.  We made one for each family to say thanks for coming!  We used red paper and blue duct tape.  The toothpick top we got from Michaels.


  1. What a CUTE party favor idea! THANKS!!! Just found your blog, I'm a new follower:)

  2. So cute and lots of fun for the kids to help with!


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