Sunday, June 6, 2010

Upcycled Sand Toys!

Welcome to the last day of our 6 Days of Summer Fun with the SUPERMOMS!
I hope you have learned something this week and maybe found a project or two to do with your kiddos this summer.


My final project is:
Upcycled Sand Toys
Upcycling is taking something that would otherwise be considered trash and turning it into something useful.
There are four main reasons that I love this project:
1. It's basically free
          2. It's good for the environment
                     3. If the kiddos lose or break it, no big deal!
       4. Easy clean up and storage
Plus the kiddos will have a TON of fun with it:) ****
So here is how to make your very own upcycled sand toys!
*First*, collect containers that you think would make great sand toys. I collected yogurt cups {my boys eat the kiddie yogurt so our sand toys have characters on them at not extra cost}, plastic juice bottles, and various small bowls. Clean out all the containers well. You could even try spray painting or decorating the containers if you wanted to. Ours were cute enough on their own, so we didn't paint them.
*Next*, you will need a net produce bag. Mine is from a small bag of lemons, but you could use the bigger ones that oranges come in. Use a piece of duct tape and cover the label of the produce bag. Use that space to write your child's name or to decorate the bag a little with a permanent marker.
*Last*, put all your new upcycled sand toys in the bag. Weave a piece of ribbon through a few of the holes in the produce bag and then tie up your bag with the ribbon. You can also tie the ribbon at the top so that it makes a handle.

Once your bag is finished, head to the beach, the sandbox, or the playground!
When it is time to leave, clean up is SUPER easy. At the beach, place all your toys back in the bag and dip it a few times into the water. If you are playing at the sandbox, a good spray with the water hose will get rid of most of the sand.
Thanks for joining for 6 Days of Summer Fun! I hope everyone has an awesome summer!


  1. Bringing the pool toys
    to the beach is always fun. I bet they all had a blast.

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