Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Mommy Secret~Last Day of School Shirt

Today is our Last Day of School, Finally! 
I feel like we are the last school in the country to get out this year! 

Jen made these cute shirts, with iron on transfers, for her kids
(and she was nice enough to share the idea and make me a transfer too!, Thanks Jen!).
Super Mommy Secret:  The Sharpies on a lanyard are such a great idea!  This would be useful at Summer Camps and VBS as well.  It is a great idea for Anytime you want the kids to be able to sign each other's shirts!
**I think they might bleed through though, so be prepared for spotted backs and bellies!!

Thanks, Jen!

1 comment:

  1. This is such a cute idea! You could always let them wear an older shirt underneath it so the sharpie didn't bleed through. I know my boys would love this...Henry had a great time letting everyone sign his shirt at field day this year!


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