Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation~6

Ahhh...Teacher Appreciation Week is coming to a close! 

Here is the last little gift I whipped up last night.  Mrs. Duthie "wished" for colored plastic cothespins and stickers on her wishing tree this I made this little board to present them to her.

I thought this board would be useful in class for those papers without names, or just for all of those important papers she needs to attend to.

Here is how I did it.  It is Very Simple!

1 piece of wood  (I had a scrap of wood from the garage.  It is 9 inches x 28 inches.)
1 package of plastic clothespins 
1 piece of paper
Vinyl name "Mrs. Duthie's Clipboard"  (or you could print it on paper and mod podge it on)
Mod podge and brush
Paint and brush
Sanding block 
Hot glue gun and glue

1. Gently sand the rough edges off of the wood. Then paint it (I just painted the front).
2.  Mod podge the paper onto the middle.  I put mine on slanted.
3.  Rub the edges with the sanding block for a little distressed look. 
4.  Put the vinyl name on at the top and hot glue the  4 clothespins on.
5.  Drill 2 small holes at the top and string ribbon through for hanging...You are done!

I clipped the extra clothespins onto the side and then put some sticker packs onto the clips.
After I was done I thought it needed some extra cuteness so I added these paper flower with a brad in the middle.  Just hot glue them onto the 4 clothespins that are glued to the board.
Now we can all take a breather and have Happy Teacher Appreciation until next year!!


  1. Terrific idea! I might do that for our end of the school year for our teachers. Thanks!

    Check out what I did for Teacher's Week:

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