Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Cans

I love Valentine's Day!
When our first child was old enough to realize it was a special day we started celebrating!
This is a tradition I started then, and now all 3 kids love to do it!

  1. I leave these cans sitting out at the top of the stairs so they are easy to grab and fill with TREATS.  
  2. I sprinkle paper hearts and candies from their rooms down the stairs to a Valentine Card from mom and dad and a little surprise left on their breakfast plates.
  3. I thought it might be fun to write "gifts of freedom" on the backs of the paper hearts but I didnt do it this year. (Gifts of freedom such as "you get to stay up 1/2 hour later than the other kids" or "you get to eat whatever you want for dinner for one night" etc)
 The big kids are so sweet, they help our little guy get some, and don't take them all before he gets a chance.
To make the cans I just covered some clean paint cans(you can buy them at craft stores or stores that sell paint. I got mine at Lowe's) with layers of torn paper and embellished them with a distressing ink pad and ribbon.

Ty wasnt around when I made the first 2 so he has a used formula can for his. I just had to be sure to put paper all the way over the top since it is sharp. I made these really fast and really simple.
I tied pink tulle into a bow on top of Londyn's.
The boys got white tulle and no bow.

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  1. Ok seriously! I know these are old posts and for some reason there aren't too many comments on a LOT of them. YOU ROCK! I am pinning SO many of them as we look for new traditions for our growing family. YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for leaving this blog up so SO many people can keep finding them!


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