Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chinese New Year Celebrations~Tiger~March 1, 2010

We love to celebrate the Chinese New Year at our house.  My husband and I were able to travel to China in 2006 for nearly 2 weeks to visit his parents who were teaching over there.  Sometimes the first day of the Chinese New Year falls in January, which is perfect, but this year it fell on Valentines Day!  Luckily, the Chinese New Year celebration lasts 15 days, so we decided to celebrate the last day of the Chinese New Year, which is called the Lantern Festival.  I emailed a lady, Ying, who I met while I was in China to get some suggestions on how to have an authentic Chinese celebration.  We always start by decorating the house with Chinese lanterns, setting fun Chinese places at the table (the photo below is Jen's from last year, check out the origami napkins!), and dressing everyone in red.  Here are some more details:
First we are going to serve Chinese Food, of course.  I like to buy the Sunbird seasoning packets (thanks Monica W!) to make homemade Chinese food but Costco has some good frozen foods and Panda Express has party trays.  Dont forget to eat with chop sticks or your fingers, those Chinese noodles are tricky!!
Second we have to give each other Chinese gifts.  We usually do a $1 bill in the fancy Chinese red envelopes at everyone's place at the table but this year we are also going to give red underwear.  Apparently that is a Chinese tradition that Jen (my super mommy sister-in-law, and partner in crime for most events like this) found and we couldnt pass this one up!  I found some at Ross.

Third we have some Chinese games.  Jen found this cute tangram idea.  It looks good for all ages.  We have kids ages 15 down to 1.

Lastly, I found The Legendary Story  (scroll down until you see it) and I got some fireworks to light off while the kids hold their red lanterns (from Zurchers) with battery operated tea lights inside.  Hopefully we dont freeze!

Now go plan your own Chinese New Year Party!!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!


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