Friday, August 20, 2010

Celebrating~The Return to School

My sister in law, Jen, did this for her son's Spelling Bee....
but I was thinking it would be a great idea for our Meet and Greet school night next week! 

It could also work for the Night before the first day of school, the First Day of school, an Aced Spelling Test, or whatever fun School Themed Celebration that comes up!

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Breadsticks

Alphabet Jello

Alphabet Cookies

And Dont forget to make a Place Mat Note so the table looks festive too!

I bet some of you Super Mommies out there are like me and you are thinking
"Where did she get those cookie cutters?!" 

 I found several sets at , my favorite was the "Wilton 50 piece ABC and 123 Cookie Cutter Set."  They werent teeny-tiny and they got good reviews. 
I found the set in the Wilton cake area at our local Jo-Ann Fabrics for 9.99 and used a 40% coupon, then I didnt have to pay shipping either. 
They are nice and big and they will work perfectly for all of these fun foods.


  1. I keep stoping by and thought I would leave a note this time. I really like all the great ideas you share here. I don't do most any of them, but I love the insperation you give by sharing them here. So, thanks from one momma to another. We homeschool, but we can still do some of the fun "back to school" things you are sharing and I thank you for the reminder that it's good to make being a kid fun and being a momma even more fun! I enjoyed your pool cake, pioneer days, and so much more! Thanks! Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  2. Love, the cookies...what a wonderful idea....I need to store that in the memory bank! :0)
    As always thanks for the great ideas!!

  3. Very are so talented. Welcome Back!!!!! You were truly missed!

  4. I love the ideas Jen! You've got skills!

  5. i love all your fun ideas! it makes me want to be a supermommy :) thanks for sharing.

  6. what sweet ideas! I love your blog so now I'm following you :)

  7. Really love those fun ideas! It will surely be a great way for our child to eat while learning those numbers and letters. :)

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  10. Missing you! When will you start posting again? =)


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