Friday, May 21, 2010

Celebrating the Small Stuff!

Check in next week as we show you how we
Celebrate the {Not So} Small Things in Life!
All week long.
Isnt this board cute?  My sister in law made it for me, for my birthday. 
Today we celebrated that soccer practices are over!

p.s.  She said she found the idea on a blog, it is Somewhat Simple, here is the link! (thanks Michelle!) 


  1. Oh man, that is so cool. I hope you find out which blog it's from. Do you think your SIL can give you the directions on how to make one of these?

  2. Very cute! We finished tball last night, and I am beyond excited that it is over:)

  3. Looking forward to next week! I am slowly doing this with my little fam, too. And I am always looking for new idea's.
    Also, here is the link to the board. I loved this idea when I saw it a few months ago and bookmarked it.


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