Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Holders

Show Off Those Beautiful Easter Eggs!

My kids have been begging me to use the Floam that I picked up on clearance several months ago and I finally found a fun project to use it on.  I felt inspired by all of the cute toilet paper roll Easter egg holders that I have seen out there so we did some with Floam!

Let me first say that Floam is a MESS!  It looks as though it will be squishy and moldable like Play-Dough but it is actually more of a sticky melted marshmallow....just warning you!  That being said it is a very easy and cute way to decorate TP rings for Easter Eggs!

I found that it worked best on this project to smear it on with a butter knife, just like you are spreading frosting onto a cupcake.

Then let them dry for several hours.  I just put them onto a paper plate.

The edges looked too unfinished to me.  

I dipped both sides into white paint and set them out to dry.

And here is the final Easter Egg Holder.


  1. You ARE a super mommy! My son had some of this stuff once but I was just... so grossed out by it. I trashed it! This and moon sand are my nemesis! :) ADORABLE egg holders though!

  2. The white paint was the touch of genius. So cute!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. They turned out darling, but Floam will never be allowed in my house again! I have it in the carpet at the top of the stairs, and can't get it out! Bright pink! Grrrr...!
    But, I like your idea! :-)

  4. Those are soooooo cute! I just started reading your blog and you have some really great ideas!! I can't wait to see what you come up with next ;)


  5. I know what you guys mean and I was really questioning my choice after I bought it...even though it was on I was glad to find a use for it after it sat for 6 months (while I dreaded opening it!!). And the best part is that my kids got sick of how messy it was after trying to cover only one little holder so I dont think they will ask for it again!


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