Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Recycled Banner

Decorate for Earth Day with this Easy Recycled Banner!
If you know me, you knew I would be making one!

I love hanging a banner for every Celebration around here, Earth Day is no exception. 
Here is how we made this Recycled one:

You will need:
paper bags
your recycle bin (full)
white school glue
jute rope (or any yarn)

Lay out your paper bags (with the part that open at the top) and write your message on them with regular white school glue.   My kiddos picked "Love (heart) Earth".  Then let the kids rip, cut, smash, or crumple, and then stick various items from your recycling bin onto the glue. 

Fold the top over. 
Then staple onto the jute rope.
For added color, cut triangles from colorful cardboard and staple between the letters. 
Here are some of our letters
Love Earth Super Mommies!


  1. This is such a great idea! I love projects that use what you've got, which was my theme this week too at

    Cindy-Sidetracked Artist

  2. You are amazing how you come up with such great ideas! You have quickly turned into one of my favorite blogs, so I am giving you a blog award!

    You can visit my blog, Pink, Little Notebook, to find out more!

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