Saturday, March 20, 2010

Plant REAL grass for your Easter table.

REAL Easter Grass
Real grass is a super cute way to display your colored Easter eggs! 
I didnt have a low rectangle pot so I grabbed a box out of the garage.  Then I decorated it with paper and mod podge.   I used a leftover bag of grass seed from the garage and some potting soil.
Here is what you'll need to make it like I did:
a box (or a pot)
2 large garbage bags
mod podge
ribbon, ric-rac, or whatever embellishment you want to use
grass seed
potting soil or vermiculite

Cut the paper to fit the outsides of your box.
Mod-podge them on.  I needed to use 2 kinds of paper on the long sides.

If you want to put a saying onto your box you can do it with paper, chipboard letters, or vinyl.  My paper pack came with these cute letters so we spelled out SPRING and backed it with a couple of the papers.
Once the mod podge is dry sand the edges and hot glue ric-rac on.  If you want to really protect your paper  add a coat or two of mod podge on top as well.

Take the box outside and double line it with garbage bags.  Fill it with soil, sprinkle a thick layer of seed, then put another thin layer of soil on top of the seed.

Trim the edges of your bags down and then roll the edges into the box holding down with a tiny bit of soil where needed.

Now all thats left to do is wait for it to grow!

**Updated photo with the grass grown.


  1. I just LOVE that idea and I'll have to do copy that. I think my kids would love it. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas:)
    Have a wonderful First Day Of Spring:)

  2. PS = I would love to post this!

  3. So cute! I love that you used a recycled box! It looks a lot cuter than my cardboard eggcarton! Maybe I should decorate my egg carton:) {I came over from Mod Podge Rocks, and I am a SUPERMOM too!}

  4. Oh my this is faboulous. How liong did it take to grow? How much watering was needed? I just know my cub scouts would love this project. We wouldn't have time ffor the modpodging of papers but I could do that part and leave the embellishing the boxes and planting to them. I think it would be a blast... Especially when they come back each week to see the results. The church going kids wcould check on the grass boxes on Sundays. Oh my, my mind is spinning with ideas now. Smaller individual boxes... hmmm...... :)

  5. Hi Tess,
    We sprayed the grass every morning with a spray bottle so we didnt disturb the seeds but kept it moist. It took about 2 weeks to be as grown as the updated photo. It sprouted after about 4-5 days.
    Good Luck with the Scouts....they will love it. My son is a Bear and I was his Den Mother until last month :(


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