Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lucky Banner

I did it!  I made this LUCKY banner last week with some of my crafty friends.   Its just more fun with company and we had lots of fun designing this little banner together!  Now I think I have one for almost every holiday!  My husband says I still need to make the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria so we can be sure to celebrate Columbus Day with decorations.  HA-HA-HA!  Maybe I just will....and then he will have to find a place to store them....but anyway.....

Here is the Super Mommy Secret for this week:  Plan it with friends! Whatever you do whether it is a craft, a party, a fun night as a family...consider inviting friends.  It will lessen your load in planning and preparing, you will create memories and closer friendships, and its just so fun!  I have to say I am lucky to live in a neighborhood that feels like Camelot with so many fun friends and neighbors, so it is easy to plan fun things together.  But even if you dont live in Camelot, all it takes is a quick email to plan something fun with friends.

LUCKY banner
Here is how I made it.  I got 2 coordinating fabrics from Home Fabrics.  I got a crinkly green and a brown with a green cloverish design.  I cut triangles in the green with pinking shears and then stamped them with brown paint (I mixed red and green fabric paint to make brown). 
Then cut 6 inch wide strips of the brown fabric (you will need to cut all edges of the brown with pinking shears or hem them) and 4 inch wide strips of the green.  Fold the green in half the long way and pin it to the top of the brown.  We bunched it up for a cute ruffle-y look on some of them~ that was Ambers idea!   
Then we sewed the strips together and then the triangles onto the bottom. 
I had some cute brown yarn that we sewed onto the sides to tie the banner.  We also had to go back and tack little folds into the top of the brown to make it hang in a swag.   


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