Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthdays~Celebrate Your Super Mommy Friends!

I think we all know that as the MOM we rarely get much attention paid to our birthdays....thats why we are friends with other Super Mommies who do their part to make us feel loved!  Since it is birthday week here at Secrets, I thought it would be fun to post some things I have done ( or had done for me!) on birthdays.  Hopefully this will inspire you to do something great for the birthday Super Mommies around you!

1.  Sing to the birthday girl, first thing in the morning at the front door (with a candle lit cake) .  Six or so of my friends did this to me last year and I thought it was so thoughtful!  It really made my day.  My husband had an early morning meeting that day and my kids didnt even know it was my birthday!  It wasnt a huge time commitment, lots of decorating, or planning either.  It was simple but so appreciated!
 I wasnt ready with a camera to snap a photo them!  I did get one of my mini cake though.

2. Go out for breakfast on Saturday morning.  There are a lot of fun brunch buffets on Saturday.  This year we celebrated my neighbor, Caroll's, birthday at a fancy little tea cottage.  Venture out and find someplace fun!  Eat some yummy food with no kids needing theirs cut, spilling their drinks, throwing a tantrum....Ahhhh.

3.  Plan a party luncheon with friends.  I planned a backyard garden party last July for my friends, Stephanie and Angie.  There were about 8 of us that got together for lunch outside in the backyard.  We let the kids play in the water and we sat in the shade talking and relaxing.  Then we put sparklers on their Oreo Cheesecakes and sang to them.  My friend Angie then threw an indoor luncheon party for me last month.  It was so nice of her to let everyone bring kids and go crazy inside her house!  I really appreciated it.

4.  Go for a spa treatment together!  We did this last year for my friend Amber's and my birthday.  It was so nice.  You can go to a cosmetology school and get pedicures or facials very inexpensively, or get a package deal or group rate.  It is so nice for the Super Mommy to be pampered!

5.  Plan a girls trip together!  Two years ago my friend, Monica invited a few of us to her house in Portland to celebrate my 30th birthday and have a girls trip.  I had my little Ty less than a month after this trip (he was 3 weeks early!) so it was so great to be able to go hang out with the girls...go shopping, out to fun restaurants, and to the spa! before I had a new baby.

Here are some other fun ideas!
Throw a surprise party: Choose a theme, a guest list, and a date.  Then go for it!
Go shopping together.  Shop for my favorite, JEANS!
Have a girls night out for dinner, yummy drinks, or icecream.
Plan a monthly lunch out to celebrate everyone's birthday in that month.  Plan the year (ie.every 4th Tuesday)
Do a gift of service every birthday:  Clean her house, bake her a cake, babysit for the afternoon

I hope you feel inspired to get your friends birthdays onto your google calendars and celebrate them when their birthdays arrive!!!

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