Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super Mommy Secret~Surviving!

This isnt really a secret to my friends and neighbors, but we are moving from the Boise area to Southern California soon! 

So right now I am a surviving mommy and not really a Super Mommy.  I will soon have to keep this house ready to show at any time.  I am anti-mess and I dont want to have any decorations or clutter out either...all of this goes against what I usually post on this blog so I probably wont be posting as often...but my unused ideas are cluttering my brain so beware once we are settled in!

I have had a lot of people writing me emails asking questions about my favorite Super Mommy supplies, what are things that I keep on hand,  how I got to the point I am at in being a "Super Mommy" [let me reinforce that, to me, that just means that I like to do fun things with my kids, not that I am professing to be a perfect mom in any way : ) ]
...I promise I will answer all of the notes and questions one of these days!  I have a file of questions that I will answer as soon as we get settled into a new home.

Thanks for being Super Mommies or Surviving Mommies with me, whatever you happen to be at this time in your mommy-ing life.  Feel free to leave me comments with your blog links and/or your Super Mommy Secrets for me to check out since I wont be busy blogging much myself!   

By the way, I dont think I have ever told anyone why the blog is called Secrets of a Super Mommy.  If you ever wondered where it came from [I would never want anyone to think that it came from me thinking that I am any more "Super" than any other mom, because I certainly know that I am not : ) ] ...it is from the childrens book "Grover's Mommy"  (You can see it here) We have a copy that I got from a garage sale when my oldest son was around age 1.  If you ever happen upon it, read it to your kids.  Then they will know you are a Super Mommy too.



  1. Good luck with the move! Being a Super Mommy is hard work sometimes, but you can do it:)

  2. I just moved from Layton to Las Vegas, so I understand all about being a survival mommy. It gets old quick and is hard on everyone. Just when you think it's going to be over, you actually move and you have another 2 weeks (at least) of survival mode while you unpack.

    I wish you the best!

  3. I use to live in Boise, and now am moving from Colrado to Southern CA. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing! I too know what it is like to keep the house clean for showings with four children. Good luck to you!

  4. I am in Southern California. I hope you have a safe move. Oh and welsome you are going to love the weather.

  5. Best of luck on your new adventure! We will be sad to see you go but glad you created this WONDERFUL blog to keep in touch. May your family be blessed for this new chapter in your lives.

  6. I grew up in Boise and now live in California (although Nor Cal), WELCOME! And I love your blog; I will be anxious for you to be back once you get settled.

  7. What part of Southern California? I live in North Orange County and you are going to love it here. And yes you will still be a Super Mommy in California just as much as you are in Boise. Good Luck with the move!


  8. Aaack! I love that you are coming to sunny so cal! What part? I live in South Orange County and we have some really fun girls groups here.

  9. Congratulations on your move...Hope to see you back soon with all of your wonderful ideas!!

  10. looking foward to reading your post

  11. Just found this site via Pinterest. Will you be posting again soon? Hope the move went well!


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