Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Super Mommy Secret~Summer Goals

I am on Vacation this week so I am enjoying a break from the stay at home Super Mommy-ing and I am enjoying my in-laws who are Super Grandma and Grandpa-ing my kids and their cousins while we all hang out together. 
The Super Mommy Secret that we are working on this week is our
Summer Rules and Goal Setting!
For the kids we are planning some similar goals to last year:

1.  Doing Chores to earn money.  One Fake Gold token is equal to a quarter.
2.  Make Bank Deposits...and Daddy says he will match everything they put in their accounts (I think we got this idea from my friend Amber, thanks Amber!  My kids think it is super cool!).
3.  Reading (or being read to) for 20 minutes a day to earn our library's fun prizes.
4. Writing in a journal to practice those handwriting skills...my son's teacher recommended this last year.
5.  Earning TV and Electronics time!  (They do school workbook pages or extra reading).
6.  One sweet treat per day! (I am terrible at this one!  But when we say it out loud, and make it our goal, we help remind each other.)
By making these rules and goals, it helps me keep everyone on track with what is Really important. 
And once we get our goals done for the day, we can get on with the other important stuff which, of course, is playing all summer!!!

My Goal this summer is to finish my over 30 unfinished projects that are cluttering up closets, garage space, and plastic totes!  I will be posting on them throughout the summer!

Its not too late to set your family goals too! 
Happy Summer! 

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