Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No Sew Felt Library Bags

Welcome to Day 2 of our 6 days of Summer Fun with the Super Moms!

This post is from Kelli at Random Thoughts of a Super Mom!

This summer, we are planning to head to our local library for their Summer Reading Program. I think it is SUPER important to make sure your kiddos keep learning, even when they are out of school for the summer. I decided to make each of my boys a library bag to use this summer. Hopefully these bags will make our trips to the library easier, and teach my boys a little bit about responsibility!

These No Sew Felt Library Bags are SUPER simple to sewing machine required! All you need is felt, ribbon, a hot glue gun, and pinking shears or scissors.

1. Decide how big you want your bags to be....mine are 12 inches tall by 14 inches wide. Lay out your felt and measure the width of the bag and two times the length. Use your pinking shears {scissors are okay too...pinking shears just make the edge more decorative} to cut a rectangle...mine was 24 inches by 14 inches.
2. Find the center of the length, and fold the felt in half. Use your hot glue gun and glue the edges of the bag together, starting closest to the fold and working your way up to the top of the bag {where the opening will be}. Do this on both the left and right edges of the bag.

3. Use a hole punch {or you can cut a small hole with your scissors} to mark the places at the top of the bag where you want the handles to be. I punched two holes on the front side of the bag and two holes on the back side of the bag. I measured approximately 1/3 of the width over from each edge so that the handles would be evenly spaced.

4. Use ribbon to make the handles of the bag. You will need two pieces of ribbon cut the same length {one for the front and one for the back}. They can be as long or as short as you would like. To attach the handles, pull the ribbon through the holes from the inside of the bag and then tie a knot on the outside. Then pull the other end of the same piece of ribbon through the other hole and tie a knot in it. Repeat the same process to make a handle on the back side of the bag too. I used a little bit of hot glue to hold the knot in place and make the handles a little stronger.

5. Use your ribbon and lay out the letter that you want to put on your bag. Then use your hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to the front of the bag. Cutting your ribbon with pinking shears keeps it from fraying and makes the letter a little more decorative.

After about 10 minutes and a little bit of hot glue, you end up with a SUPER cute, No Sew Felt Library bag!


  1. SUPER cute! I'm going to have to try this for my kids. We go to the library all the time.

    With using a glue gun, is it strong enough to hold a lot of book or just one or two?


  2. So adorable! I am glad my kids' names start with letters that are easy to cut out of ribbon, lol! Thanks for the idea :)

  3. We are going to make these at our Preschool After Graduation Party tomorrow!!
    So thanks Kelli!

  4. Hey Erin! I would probably start off with a light load of books and then add as you think the bag can handle it. I did one for each of my boys so they would only have their own books...I was thinking probably 3 or 4 each.

  5. Thanks, Kelly! We're definitely going to make these. They are fantastic and my kids will flip! (Plus I don't have to sew!!! I can't sew.)

  6. These are so much cuter than the book bags we purchased from the library!

  7. This is a really cute idea! I love the ribbons you used!

  8. Those look awesome! Very creative!
    Thanks for linking up!

  9. This is very clever! Love the letter detail. May have to make a couple for my kiddos!

  10. Super cute idea. I think I will make them for Halloween bags this year. Thanks for sharing.


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