Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Day of School~Breakfast Celebration!

Last year, I read this idea online so we just had to try it!

Make the Last Day of school a PaRTy
from the moment they wake up!
Hang party decorations! (Chair signs, "Celebrate" banner, crepe paper, balloons)
Play summer music! (The Jamies "Sum-Sum-Summertime")
Make a Last Day breakfast!  (summer fruit smoothies and school spirit colored scrambled eggs)

We had "Last Day of School" spirit with green colored scrambled eggs and "Summer" Strawberry and yogurt smoothies.

The kids love their own chair decoration, dancing to the Summer music and then checking out their Gallerias.

Super Mommy Photographers,
Dont forget to take a picture of them to compare with the first day of school shot!


  1. Such creativity. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Great ideas! We like to have alot of fun on our last day.. in addition to water balloons,etc we also celebrate the years accomplishments.. We hang artwork the kids have brought home at the end and also set up tables with exceptional work that the kids share.. its a way of showcasing all the stuff they come home with in the last week. Over dessert we brainstorm ideas on a big poster about things we want to see/do or hope for..


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