Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celebrating~My Big Reader!

 I promised our son that once he was done with ERAGON we would have a family movie party and watch the DVD.  So when the super, crazy, active, 9 year old finished reading a book that big,
we had to Celebrate with him! 

It took him several months, but we finally got to have a Friday Night Pizza and Movie Party for him.  
We were so proud of him for getting through that HUGE novel
(He never did finish Harry Potter...probably because I let him watch the movie BEFORE he was done reading)!
He really liked Eragon, though. 
He immediately started the sequel, Eldest...too bad there is no movie for that one!

{Here is a Super Mommy Secret for anyone in the Boise area:  Pizza Perfection has their pizzas BOGO Free on carry-outs anytime!  Their larges are big (12 pieces!)and their pizza is delicious!  You end up getting 2 pizzas, piled with toppings, for around $20.}

That is where we got the pizzas for this Movie Party!

Then while the kids were taking baths I made popcorn...

...And set up the "Concession Stand" as they had requested!

They loved buying and selling!  Then we settled in and enjoyed the show.
I hope you feel inspired to CELEBRATE your Big Readers too!

{Here is one more Super Mommy Secret:  These movies were BOGO for $1 at Hastings...so 2/$6.99}


  1. I'm trying this! I need to motivate my 2nd grader to read anyway I can. I love your ideas. I'm becoming a big fan of your blog!!

  2. What a fun night! I love the concession stand idea!


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