Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teacher Appreciation~1

I thought I would spend the rest of the week posting fun ideas for teacher appreciation. 
Maybe it will inspire you to try something new this year, and that would be fun, right?

When my son was in first grade our school's PTA had the kids bring something every day for their teachers. Day 1 they all brought a flower and the teacher had a full bouquet, Day 2 they all brought a fruit and then the teacher had a big fruit basket, and so on.

On one of the days the kids were supposed to create a piece of art for the teacher. When I think art, I think photography. I let my son take the camera outside and go crazy taking photos of whatever he wanted. The best photo he got was a great close-up of a flower. So this little project was born...

Teacher Appreciation~1 Let Your Child Create A Masterpiece
I added a photoshop border, printed it on matte paper,  then mounted the photo onto mat board and let him write beneath it 
(in his very best and most careful first grade handwriting)
Great Teachers Help Children Bloom 
Love, Tate
Last time I was in her room she still had it up!

Optional IDEAS
~You could frame it as well but I just left it on the mat board. 
~You could let your child paint or draw a flower and use the same saying.
~You could let your child take a photograph of anything just let them add their handwriting to it to make it feel like it is genuinely from a child.


  1. Your flower idea is great. I'll definately be copying it next week 3 times over as I have 3 children in elementary school. Thanks for the tip. I can't wait to see what other fun ideas you post.

  2. LOVE it!! My son's name is Tate also! Great name! :) And as PTO pres at our school, you just gave me a GREAT idea for teacher appreciation week next year! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  3. WOW!!! I love all your teacher appreciation ideas!!! Thank you! And from someone who loves all things crafty but needs a bit of outside inspiration, your blog is FABULOUS!!! Thanks again!


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