Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Super Mommy Secret~Couponing!

I have referenced this several times in the various fun activities that I do with my kiddos, its how I stay frugal and still do things like fill the Valentine's Day Socks or the St Patty's shoes.  I thought I would give a little more detail!  Couponing is a way to get lots of groceries, games, toys, make-up, etc for little money!  It is kind of addicting.

Super Mommy Secret #1 for Couponing: Get a couponing friend or posse.  They can help you find deals, you can divide and conquer (get things for each other), you can share coupons, they motivate you to go and it IS worth it!
Super Mommy Secret #2 for Couponing: Find some good couponing blogs that help you find deals at the stores in your area.  My favorite store to get free things from, here is Boise, is Albertsons.  My favorite blogs here are run by some ladies that I know personally.  My friend, Monica, posts at fabulesslyfrugal.com and a gal named,Tamra, (she taught the first couponing class that I went to, the one that I made my couponing binder!) posts over at discountqueens.blogspot.com  If you are interested in couponing and are not from Boise, they may know some good blogs for stores that are local for you.

Here is how I do it in a nutshell:
First order 5 Sunday papers.  I get one every day and 5 on Sunday for $12/month.   Check your couponing blogs to find the best deal on papers in your area.
Then I file and sort the coupons into this binder with baseball card holders.  I have tabs for frozen, refrigerated, canned goods, personal items, cereal, snacks, etc.  You can arrange your tabs the way they make the most sense for you and your family.  Or you can keep the inserts together and just file the inserts by date.  There are sites that let you print the contents of each insert so you can staple them to the front and just scan to find your coupons that way. 

Then I fill my pantry with lots of FREE or nearly FREE food!  All of my local couponer friends can probably pick out the FREE Quaker cereal, BBQ Sauce, Salad Dressing, Pasta, Paper Plates, Oreos, etc that are shown in this photo! 
Happy Couponing!!


  1. I so have wanted to do the couponing thing but there are no stores near me that do the double coupons... do you have any store names that you can share????

  2. like, 2wice a year pharmasave doubles coupons in canada, thats it.


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