Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The "I am thankful for you" Birthday Treat

I am thankful for you!
On the Monday before the birthday, I let the birthday boy choose his favorite dessert and we play a little game with it.  Here is how it works.

First we serve up the dessert. Then I give each non-birthday person a candle. Before we eat, we pass around the birthday person’s dessert. Each person takes a turn putting in their candle and telling the birthday boy/girl something about them they're thankful for or why they are glad that he/she is in our family. It continues until everyone has added a candle. Then the birthday boy finally gets his dessert and we light the candles and sing Happy Birthday. (Super Mommies, write down the cute things they say!)

Oh Yeah, and then Everyone gets to KISS the birthday boy!! 

(thanks to Catharine K for inspiring me with this fun idea!)

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