Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friday Night at the Discotheque

I planned this one with an underlying St Patty's theme since it was on March 12th but I think it was more 70's and Disco than anything and it was super fun!  Thanks to my sweet friend, Robin, for letting us use her Murder Mystery game for 9 couples!  (I didnt know they made them that big).

Guest List: 18 crazy people in costume.

Menu:  70's food, of course...Swedish meatballs, cheese fondue, and a frothy drink in a punch bowl (green, of course!) as well as caramel & chocolate fondue and lemon meringue pie for dessert.

Party Plans:  70's Discotheque Murder Mystery and Disco Dance Contest.
Disco Dancing it up Boys VS Girls!  I hate to say it, but the men won!

If you want to throw a 70's party be sure to cover the furniture in orange and brown blankets and a little plastic if you have it! 

I also borrowed some 70's art work and put out some plastic floral arrangements in green and brown vases. I had some rubix cubes set out and a bowl of keys to resemble those 70's key parties!  I also hung some beads from the archways. 

See if you can find an old record player (this was my husbands from the 70's) and a disco ball!

Be sure to have a psychedelic lava lamp too.

Make yourself a disco dance floor and have some disco music playing!

Pet Rocks!  These were needed for the Murder Mystery but I guess they really were big in the 70's.  I made these as party favors for the guests.

Then all thats left to do is have fun!
Happy St Patty's Day!  I hope you all party like you are rock disco stars.


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun! Steph told me you were looking for a disco ball, and I told her you could borrow mine, but she forgot to tell you in time! Glad you found one!

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