Monday, March 1, 2010

The Birthday Pillowcase

The Birthday Pillowcase Tradition!

We have a lot of fun Holiday pillowcases at our house, thanks to Grandma Sue!  None is more coveted than the Birthday Pillowcase.  It is the only one that we have to share.  Putting the pillowcase on one of the activity cards on the Birthday Countdown Board.  It is fairly simple, just put the birthday pillowcase on sometime during the birthday week.  Every morning it will remind your little sweeties that their special day is coming up soon!!

If you like this tradition, Super Mommies, (and you dont have a Super Mother-in-law like me) get some birthday fabric and make one for your kiddos!


  1. SO glad Celeste forwarded your new blog on to me! You are amazing. Ever since I saw your "spooky" banner for Alisa, I've been planning to make a birthday one for the fam. Well, birthday season is upon us, and I bought my fabric this week!
    But I have to know where you found birthday themed fabric. I've searched and searched and need to make a pillow case still:)

  2. Hi Karin,
    I am so glad you are looking at this blog! I have been having fun sharing! I asked my MIL where she got those birthday fabrics and she said it was from a quilt shop. She suggested checking here in Boise at the one off of Curtis between I-84 and Fairview. Good Luck!


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