Friday, February 12, 2010

Tiny Tea Party~Valentines Day

Since my daughter was 3, she has been hosting a Valentines Day Tea Party with her little friends. We dont really serve tea. We serve Shirley Temples with the grenadine in the creamer cup and the cherries in the sugar bowl. Here are some of the things we did for her tea party this year.
The Table and FoodI printed name tags on cute scrapbook paper and used our name card holders from Oriental Trading Co. I bought these a couple of years ago and they store well from year to year!
Londyn got the pastel tea set this year (from IKEA). We matched it with the original IKEA dish set that we have used the past 2 years. This made it a little challenging to decorate with pink and red. Putting bowls of candy out and sprinkling conversation hearts around seemed to help the colors mesh.
I got the doilies from the dollar store and they added a little bit of elegance.
The servers made the party! In our neighborhood, my daughter is the only 5 year old girl. There are five 5-year old boys, however. They are her best friends since they are the kids that she plays with the most! We wanted to invite them but they didnt want to come have "tea" with the girls! So we invited some of them to be servers at the tea party. It was so cute!
I had Wilton's marshmallow fondant and a tea party "petit fours" recipes ready to make but then I found these Little Debbie snack cakes 10/1.50 at Target and saved myself ALOT of work!! And they are so adorable!
These are Cupid's arrow fruit kebobs. I used these last year at my sons school Valentine's Day party as well. The idea came from which has great holiday treat ideas!

Here are the little sandwiches. I got the cute toothpicks at Walmart and then cut the bread with cookie cutters. You just swap the hearts from the white and the wheat. So easy and so cute! We also served plain white potato chips with these.

Crafts & Activities
We had to do crafts since it was a little girls party! So we made Valentine hats as they arrived.
Just staple the band to fit their heads, then staple 3 inch strips folded accordian style to the front. Lastly staple hearts to the accordian pieces and it makes for an adorable Valentines Day hat. This hat only has one heart but a few hearts on the front is very cute as well.

When they were finished with their "tea," we had a treasure hunt for Valentine surprises (they found balloons, bracelets, and candy lipstick/nail polish).

Lastly we made paper plate heart pouches for their card exchange.Just fold 2 plates in half, put them together like a heart and staple! The decorating was the fun part. I used the name tag from the table and stapled it to the pouch. Then they exchanged Valentines.


  1. YOu have so many cute ideas! I loved the St Patrick's day ideas this year and used several of them to add to the fun-ness of this often over-looked holiday. Thank you for sharing your creativity! I'm a huge fan!

  2. This is darling! Can't wait until my granddaughters are old enough to to this with me!! Thank you!!

  3. OMG!! Such a lovely amazing tea party. Really liked these ideas here. Children must have enjoyed the activities. Planning a tea party at one of Chicago event venues. Will use your table d├ęcor ideas for the day.


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